Drones in construction site

Drone Uses and Applications: Drones in Life

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There are a large number of uses and applications for drones. In the following passage we are listing just a few:

Military Usage

As the most widely known purpose for the drones, for which these toys were first developed, various militaries around the globe uses them for spying and taking out targets. These drones are equipped with lethal weapons and are used for remotely targeting in terrains not accessible by other means. These drones have cameras capable of night vision as well as sensing heat with infrared rays.

Military drone firing missile
Military Drone in action [Image: abna24.com]
Anti-Riot Use

Many governments have authorized the use of drones for crowd control and anti-riot activities by the local police. Such drones carry non-lethal weapons like tear gas canisters and are used to break large groups of people without inflicting harm upon them.

Crowd and riot control
Riot Control Drone [Image: pinterest.com]
Journalism Purposes

Various news agencies and journalist use drones to record different stories, either using video or photography cameras affixed to an aerial drone. You may have noticed various TV channels using drones to provide an aerial view of large demonstrations or public gatherings.

Drones in Sports Journalism
Drones in Journalism [Image: AP/Sergei Grits]
Video Recording

Professional photographers have been using drones from their first availability in the market. Drones are providing such people with a breathtaking image of angels that were not possible before or were too much expensive by using high-cost measures such as helicopters etc.

Drone Photography K2 Kaszlikowski
Pro-photography with drone [Image: thedancingrest.com/David Kaszlikowski]
Cinematography Use

Capturing scenes for movies with the help of aerial drones have helped movie directors and producers to give a different kind of feel to their audiences, the same like in the video games. Compared to recording such actions through traditional means (like helicopters), the drones are more flexible to use, much quicker to set up, relatively safe to utilize and most importantly much cheaper on the budget purse.

Drones in Movie Industry
Drone for Cinematography [Image: goldfinchentertainment.com]
Sports & Drone Racing

Using drones for fun and recreation such as racing has been gaining interest among the young and old. Drone enthusiasts organize competitions and championships designed specifically for drone racers. Custom designed drones are preferred for this activity, which is fast and agile and can pick up speed up to 60 miles per hour. Equipping drones with VR gadgets can enhance the already thrilling races by their users.

Drones and racing games
Drone Racing [Image: CruCix/YouTube]
Shipping & Delivery

Both local and multinational companies have started to take full advantage of the drone technology by using these units to deliver various items to their customers and clients, such as pizza, letters, medicine etc. Most prominent of such companies are Google, Amazon, and DHL among others.

Drone for shipping package
Drone delivering package [Image: Reuters/Wolfgang Rattay]
Survey & Mapping

Doing land as well as a lake or sea survey has been made a lot easier with the use of aerial drones. These units have made surveying a specific area less time to consume and much more accurate. If a drone is equipped with a high tech camera, it can gather high-resolution data and help its user create 3D maps of the geography. These drones can cover several hundreds of acres of land, map the elevation changing, water flow patterns, as well as detecting different minerals and resources.

Drone Surveying and Mapping
Drone Surveying and Mapping [Image: jpsurveys.com]
Disaster Relief

In the aftermath of a disaster, like fires, floods, earthquake, or even nuclear radiation (in nuclear power plants), drones provide an efficient way to collect information about the disaster-hit zone. Government or other disaster relief organizations then can use these drones to plan out relief operations by pinpointing the most suitable access route as well as to deliver supplies to the neediest areas.

Drones for disaster relief and rescue
Drone in Disaster Relief [Image: electronics360.globalspec.com]
Medical Supplies

In situations where remote communities and villages are cut off due to natural or manmade disasters or where transport routes are impassable, suffering people can have relief by having a drone deliver small payloads of medical supplies to them.

Drones and medical supply
Drone for Delivery Medial Supply [Image: medgadget.com]
Search & Rescue

In scenarios where we need to track down lost persons, drones can be very helpful, as these units can be equipped with high spec cameras and sensors, locating people becomes easy in harsh terrains and weather, such as in night time or during storms & rains. After the personnel is located, rescue operations can commence immediately.

Drone in Search and Rescue
Drone in Search and Rescue [Image: REUTERS/Maxim Zmeyev]
Weather Forecasting

Using drones to record hurricane intensity and trajectory is helping researchers and scientist to analyze these phenomena and to accurately predict related weathers for different areas.

Drones and weather forceast
Drones in Tornadoes [Image: voiceofpeopletoday.com]
Border Patrol

Border patrol agencies can use drones to monitoring people traffic over various routes. It can also help in locating and monitoring criminal and drug activities over such areas.

Using drones for border patrol
Drone for border patrol [Image: tucson.com]
Power Lines & Pipelines Inspection

Drones can be used to do a remote preliminary inspection of an electric power line or gasoline pipelines as these jobs are dangerous. Repair teams can then be sent to resolve the issues.

Drones for pipeline inspection
Drone at Pipeline Surveillance Duty [Image: sweetcrudereports.com]
Real Estate

Real estate agents or agencies can use drones to take aerial photographs of the estates they plan to sell to the public. Such photos and even aerial videos can be very helpful in convincing buyers for the properties.

Drones and real estate marketing
Drone in Real Estate use [Image: pittsburghskymarketing.com]
Building Roof Inspection

Inspecting building or house roofs have been made easy with the use of the aerial drones. Roof leakage or drain blockages can be inspected from few feet by the householders or the landlords and an exact estimate can be made by the contractor for its repair work. Video footage of the inspection can be reviewed and used to describe exact roof issues to various contractors. Same methods can be used to inspect roofs of industrial buildings, which saves a lot of costs compared to having human inspection high and wide roofs of the industrial zones.

Roof Inspection Drone
Roof Inspection Drone [Image: roofingforless.ca]
Construction Sites

Drones have become helpful tools for people to plan the construction work in desired neighborhood or area. Local government departments or agencies can take assistance from aerial views of highly congested housing areas to plan new development work or use these drones to inspect the ongoing construction work at sites. This can also be very beneficial in keeping a check if the construction work and extensions are in compliance with the local planning laws.

Drones in construction site
Drones in construction site [Image: linkedin.com]
Wind Turbine Inspection

Drones can provide real-time visual inspection of wind turbines which greatly helps the supervising teams to gain access to information from a controlled safe environment and relay the same to the ground teams to resolve any issue quickly and efficiently.

Inspecting a wind turbine
Drone Inspecting a Wind Turbine [Image: blog.airstoc.com]
Solar Park Inspection

As the desire to find newer types of energy sources has become a norm in recent times, solar energy has become the most cost-effective method. People and organizations have started to deploy a large number of solar panels on building roofs, or large fields, which may rise up to thousands of such units. Maintaining such a vast area manually by human inspection is a laborious and time-consuming task that is why the use of an aerial drone is helping efficiently with this regard. If the drone is equipped with an appropriate camera and sensors, it can automatically pick out faulty panels or even cells in a panel.

Solar panel inspection by drone
Drone inspection of solar park [Image: pix4d.com]
Tunnel Inspection

Tunnel inspection is a routine work for the managing companies, and using drones have enabled them to do an inspection in a minimal amount of time while recording the footage with detailed information. These units can be used to inspect road tunnels, train tunnels, as well as mining shafts.

Inspecting a tunnel with a drone
Drone Tunnel Inspection [Image: hoveringsolutions.com]
Forest Monitoring

Drones can be used to monitor large acres of forests and keep surveillance for illegal logging of woods. They can also be used to monitor plants and trees and keep a close eye on them as these grow.

Forest monitoring with a drone
Drone Forest Monitoring [Image: makezine.com]
Wildlife Monitoring & Anti-Poaching

Monitoring wildlife has never been so easy before the introduction of drones, as these units provide many advantages to the researching teams which includes but is not limited to the ability to operate in the night time, getting close for detail monitoring without spooking the animals etc. These devices also help the users to survey the wildlife for illegal animal poaching activities and assist in devising and implementing plans for a reduction in such cases.

Drone Monitoring Wildlife
Drone Monitoring Wildlife [Image: adjisaka.com]
Archeological Sites

Drones have become an integral part of archeological teams to use for landscape and site inspection and survey. Viewing the historical locations from an aerial angel gives a different perspective for the researchers and hence provide them opportunities to explore newer theories about the history with accurate precision. These units can also help various governments and organizations with surveillance and monitoring of such sites and prevent public or land grabbers from destroying this treasured history.

Drone at an Archaeology Site
Drone at an Archaeology Site [Image: makezine.com]
Precision Agriculture

The drones designed for agricultural usage are helping farmers tremendously in closely monitoring their crops and improve its yield by managing effective use of pest and disease control. The most helpful type of drones for this industry is the fixed wings drones which come in various sizes and purposes.

Precision Agriculture with a Drone
Precision Agriculture with a Drone [Image: blog.dronedeploy.com]
Weddings, Parties, & Events

Using drones for recording photos and videos of events such as weddings and parties has become a new phenomenon among the masses. Drones have given professional wedding photographers a new spectrum of angels for capturing memorable photos of such joyful events.

Drone at Parties
Drone at a Wedding Party [Image: dronereview.com]
Cellular Network Accessibility

Improvements made by people in the drones industry have enabled us to now have cellular network (like 4G) access in areas with no or incomplete infrastructure. These drones can hover in the air at the height of 200-300 feet and give extended cellular coverage to the people of that area. For example, the AT&T’s Flying COW (Cell-on-Wings) which was deployed in Puerto Rico after the Hurricane Maria.

Drone providing cellular coverage at disaster hit area
Drone providing cellular coverage [Image: arstechnica.com]
Internet Access

A recent study (United Nations agency) shows that 47% of the world population have access to the internet in one way or the other. And this percentage is slated to increase in the near future as there are reports of big corporations to provide internet access to the whole world, Google & Facebook to name a few. These giants are exploring drone technologies for this specific purpose. These drones will be able to fly in high altitudes of several thousands of feet, run on solar energy for a long period of time, and provide 5G internet which is at least 40 times faster than the best 4G services available.

Drone Providing Internet Globally
Drone Providing Internet Globally [Image: newsweek.com]

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