About Penguin Engine

Penguin Engine provides you blogs & content that are laden with information and easy-to-implement tips & tricks. We are hopeful that you will find this very useful & interesting and become our regular reader.


Penguin Engine may have started up with a duo, but we plan to increase our scope of operations and eventually grow into a fully equipped battalion with our passionate penguinuity (read ingenuity).

Our expertise lay in all kinds of software development for the various platforms: desktop, web, & mobile apps. Additionally, our penguin staff is expert in doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for websites and blogs. This is based on our successful Freelancer & Fiverr experience. Send us some work and we will satisfy you efficiently with quality even in Antarctica like environment.


Penguin Engine plans to grow in the near future. Our pipeline projects are to have our own e-commerce store which will have discounted items for our customers, step-by-step video tutorials and online courses on various technologies.

Being a startup, we do require the initial push, therefore, we plan to take advantage of Amazon’s Affiliate Program and other such vistas. We will greatly appreciate your patronage in any shape helpful. Like & Share the information that you may find interesting here.

Ready! Set! Slide!